June 24, 2024

Swimming Pool Disinfectants

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Concentrated Fungicide and Algaecide for Swimming Pool Water

Main Features
• A liquid fungicide and algaecide for the treatment of alga, fungi and bacteria in swimming pool water.
• Suppresses unpleasant odors produced.
• Soluble in water of any hardness, stable at elevated temperatures.
• Can be added to water for the elimination of algae.

Main Applications
• Is active against microbial spores as B subtitles, CI, tetanus, B. anthraces and more.
• Has a fungicidal action against, moulds, yeasts and pathogenic fungi
• Has an algaecidal action against algae such as oscillatoria sp, chlorella sp.

Coverage & Consumption
•  20 kg, 40 kg

Dosage for Applications:
•Initial treatment: 1L of Jax Septic WT/100 m3 of water
•Normal treatment: 0.5L of Jax Septic WT/100 m3 of water
•Shock application: 2.5L of Jax Septic WT /100 m3 of water

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